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See the Garlic Twist In Action


OMG!  I used the Garlic Twist tonight and I must say it’s the best Garlic Tool in the world!  I love to cook with garlic yet I'm reluctant to due to the hassle of peeling and grinding it all.  

Well, watch out Spaghetti! Look out Lasagna! I think you hear me knocking, and I'm bringing my Garlic and the Garlic Twist with me.  My worst fear has been conquered. The Garlic is BACK!

E. Seleithia Woods Inglewood, CA

About a month ago, I went to a high-end cooking boutique to get a nice garlic press.  The woman who worked there put an all-metal $40 garlic press in my hand and said, "This one is built like a German car. You'll never buy another garlic press again."  I looked at it, and it looked like a pain to clean.  Right around the corner on a small garlic display was The Garlic Twist.  I took one look at its simple-all-over design,put the fancy press right back where I found it, and bought The Garlic Twist for 1/3 the price of the other gadget.

Since the day I brought it home, I haven't used any thing else.  It's awesome!  It turns out the saleswoman was right after all.... I'll never buy another garlic press again! Thanks!!

Darlyn Horgos

Not only are we GREAT cooks, but do we like GARLIC!!!!!!  The quicker and cleaner we can get it chopped for our recipes the better.  My daughter’s roommate said look at this thing---she got it as a house warming gift...

...On second thought----I may need 2dozen!!!   Several of us have second homes. . . .I have three weddingshowers….and a bunch of birthdays and am ALWAYS looking for something unique!!!

Ginny LaGuardia

Thank you so much for the opportunity to use the Garlic Twist. It's wonderful. So fast and efficient!  I use garlic every day and it is so quick and easy to use. I will recommend this product to all my family and friends.  I also have mentioned it to my son who cooks at a local restaurant.  I think everyone should own one.  Thank you again,

Marcia Johnson

Just purchased the Garlic Twist on Friday. Have used it once and will never be without it. What a simple way to deal with garlic. Have bought 2 more as presents and I'm sure they will be just as amazed at the ease of use. Thank you for making it so easy to prepare garlic.

June Vellacott